April news!

Jon Roth lives in the OV

We have a delivery date from the factory for the OV! This means we will start shipping on the week of May 10th and soon after you will have your OV. After the delay we mentioned last month we have stayed on track and look forward to getting these out to you. 

Spring has sprung around this corner of British Columbia and with the longer days it’s possible to get the elusive snowboarding and fishing in the same day! Good reports coming from the rivers as we race to get days in before the freshet. 

Out in the other corner of the province, our friend Paper Bag Fisherman is getting out on the rivers again. Earlier this year Flycraft announced Andrew as a brand ambassador so he’s well equipped to chase those massive bull trout. 

Andrew has been a huge source of information and inspiration for us during the testing phase of the OV, and we’re thankful to have his experience on our side. Follow his adventures on Instagram. Totally worth it.

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Dano & Kim & Jon