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The OV (it stands for Overall) is a 3 season, mid-layer, technical overall designed to be worn under ski/snowboard outerwear and fishing waders. It's also built with the look of workwear so it's versatile enough to wear as a standalone piece. Sidechannel created a performance layer that you don’t have to change out of when you’re done performing for the day.


We wanted to lighten our closet and our environmental footprint by creating a garment that would be cozy, would breathe, wick away sweat, and that we would use for many things as possible.

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Available in Three Colours


We tested 7 prototypes to create performance that you aren't used to in a mid-layer. Workwear aesthetic that comfortably fits under outer layers, and is super functional. A clever connection of knee articulation and gusset looks great and freely moves with the body. The OV is like a multi-tool in your closet.


We spent months developing and testing a fabric that met our technical needs but also presented like regular clothing. We created a synthetic twill face fabric matched with a warm fleece liner. The result is a breathable, water resistant layer that keeps you warm, but not sweaty, and you can wear all day long. 


You want something that lasts. The best environmental statement people can make is to stop throwing away clothes. We stand behind the OV. If something fails, we'll fix it.


We put pockets all over the place. Snap pocket on the chest for easy access to the phone, zipper pocket inside to make sure you don't lose your keys or wallet, carpenter pocket, because it just looks right, and of course two for hands and two on the seat. Our lightweight aluminum loops and sliders will never break, never rust.

We made the OV for the things we love, Fishing and Snowboarding. What we didn't expect was the response we got from people all over the world, who brought their own perfect usage: movie makers, hunters, snowmobilers, vineyard workers, and all sorts of people who spend time outside have found their perfect layer in the OV.

Driving to the hill, snowboarding all day, and still looking good for a beer at aprés. We want to create gear that is a standard part of your kit, and that stays with you for the long haul.

Our fabric is the key to the OV. A waterproof, breathable, durable mid-layer overall that performs under waders, outerwear, or as a standalone piece for working outside on damp and chilly days.

We made a little film of Jon running through the features of The OV.

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Don't take our word for it

"a game-changing mid-layer for anyone who loves and understands the mountains"

Mountain Life Magazine

"The OV is the best thing I’ve worn under my waders”

Jon Riddell

Wildlife photographer and Spey Fishing guide.

"People just need to get them on their legs and wear them for one day, then it's instant love."

Colin Carmichael

Fisherman and occasional pipe smoker.

"I'm out everyday exploring the land and photographing my interactions with animals. Having that extra laying under my snow pants is very essential. When gearing up the OV is a great options, everyone should have a pair in their mud room!"

Karine Lavictoire

Outdoor photographer

"Just got in from a quick evening fish and eating pizza now in the OV. Just wanted to say what a comfortable and convenient piece of gear this is"

Brian Niska

Skeena Spey

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