The Sidechannel motto - Outside the Main Stream - speaks to our brand name but also to our brand position. We aren’t part of any industry, we aren’t beholden to any orthodoxy, and we follow our own path. Obsolescence is our enemy.

We want to create gear that is a standard part of your kit, and that stays with you for the long haul. If you're like us, you want less stuff that works for more things and lasts a long time. 


Dano Pendygrasse, Sidechannel Founder

Dano's 30 years of flyfishing and snowboarding are the foundation of Sidechannel. Two decades of action sports photography led Dano to visual media production and campaigns, first for Monster Energy and then for Arc'teryx. That's where he fell in love with design and apparel and the seeds of Sidechannel were sown.



Kim Duff, Sidechannel Partner & General Manager

Kim has over 15 years of experience in the corporate world and brings her business acumen to the back office (when she's not in the front office catching fish). Kim makes sure we have the right vendors, the right prices, and the plans to make the magic happen.



Jon Roth, Sidechannel Partner

A longtime flyfisherman and former professional snowboarder, Jon's opened the successful Crowsnest Barber Shop chain - ground zero for the renaissance of traditional barbering. He is involved in several brands from distribution to retail and manufacturing, in men's grooming, apparel, and action sports.