Organic Cotton Bandana
Organic Cotton Bandana

Organic Cotton Bandana

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Don’t settle for a truck stop bandana!

Super versatile and soft to touch. These bandanas offer light sun protection and are a really nice piece of cotton to have in your kit. Wrap it around your head or neck, tuck it up into the back of your hat, dab sweat on a hot day, tourniquet or sling something if things get real, dry a hot face after a good river wash, signal for help if you get lost (don’t get lost!), wrap an ice pack for that sprain, and whatever else you might need. 

Made from organic cotton grown in Nagpur in Central India / spun and woven in Coimbatore, South India. Our supplier works directly with the farmers, spinners and weavers. GOTS certified organic on all three levels.

Dimensions: approx. 61cm (24") square.

Content: 100% Organic Cotton